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Stress Management for Small to Medium Businesses and Start Ups

Is your business losing money due to sickness or poor productivity?
Do you always feel rushed at work with no time to stop?
Do you or your employee's feel stressed when at work?
if you answered yes to one of these questions, I can help you to reduce work related stress, manage your working day better and have the tools you need to manage  your stress. and increase productivity.

Services Offered:

  • one to one consultations for small business owners and start ups
  • Training in managing stress at work for staff 
  • Training for employers and managers on identifying work stress and managing staff 
  • relaxation classes and wellness sessions for staff away-days or inset days

Jennie Alexander BSc hons MRCOT                                                                                             Tel: 07940483979
Occupational Therapist                                                                                                   Harrow/Stanmore/London

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